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Discovering People’s Power

Throughout the years, I meet candidates that have overestimated as well as underestimated abilities, but to find it myself. I ask them: “Tell me something that happened at work in the last year that made it a truly great day.”

By asking this question I try to strike two goals – Gauge the kind of accomplishment that brings the glow in the eyes of the candidate that helps me make the decision by seeing it and second it helps me discover the prowess through which this candidate draws the power.

I do this because I know that , “Technology changes. Business model change.

For the long-term success of both the employee and me, I need to know the interests that fuel the person, more than their last achievement.” Try this simple trick to see where the love of work is coming from and the very depth of what inspires them.

I believe, the root of Herogiri and what makes you powerful lies in the interests that can keep you awake while dreaming.