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Despair and self-pity is unworthy of you (Bhagavad Gita Ch.2.1-2)

Arjuna tells his confusions, doubts, and despondency to Krishna. Seeing Arjuna overwhelmed with pity, grief-stricken, and eyes full of tears, Shree Krishna displayed his discomfort saying, “On the path of liberation how have you fallen to despair and self-pity which is not a worthy of you?”

God Krishna uses the word anarya (unworthy). It’s a common find these days to see people boast of their profit, pleasure, and prestige at all times.

However, when the same person is approached for any social or economical favor, they will start cribbing about their inability citing many excuses.

We have stopped looking inward and instead of focusing on our inner qualities, we signify ourselves with the two legs, colored hair, and expensive attire. For all such pretenders of wealthy possession,

God Krishna wants to tell, “Don’t lock the door of the heavenly kingdom by refusing to eliminate your ego, self-will, and separateness. Get rid of these as they have no place when I live in your hearts.”