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The best moment of your life is now

“Never regret the past, don’t worry about the future. Just enjoy the NOW!”
–Bhagwad Gita

The best moment of your life is now. Useless are the ones who keep regretting the past or the future.

One more thing – life is not about the period you live between your birth and death but, it’s about now and the next breath that you are going to take.

Live in this moment, feel this moment, feel the goodness, the positivity, the bliss and the wonders which are happening at this moment.

So this very moment, I suggest you close your eyes. Remain attentive in your inner self. Stay still but attentive.

Try to listen to your sensory organs – eyes, ears, touch, feel, listen, taste. You will become alive. You will begin feeling the power of now.

Remember, small steps that you are taking is going to be big and larger than life in near future.

Now, begin living in now…let this very moment be your very moment of now!