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If you think someone will bail you out

You expect debts, illness, poverty, sins, hunger, accidents, fear, sorrow and mental anguish may attack you and ruin your life.
Despite knowing well about the minutest chance of it coming your way, you create false hopes and expectations from your family, friends and significant others.

Burdened with these fears, you create false hopes and expectations from others. You consider them like a bulb which will shine when you face challenges. This is the root cause of all your sufferings of lost hopes and shattered dreams.

You have forgotten to lighten the bulb of your self abilities to fight and emerge a winner. You are running from one bulb to another and ruining your own power and energy.

To grow a better person you need to switch on your internal bulb, realise your self-sufficiency and be stable in the self to handle the life challenges whenever they cross your paths.
who does not crave pleasure, and who is free from attachment, fear, and anger, is called a sage of steady wisdom.
And when your inner bulb shines you will stop the craving for external pleasure, you will be free from external attachments, fear, and anger to live a life with yourself.
Do not live a stolen you.