Zero to Crore Workshop

Zero to Crore Workshop

India’s most loved startup launch workshop for first-time founders and students

Zero to Crore workshop is an easy-to-follow 7-step program created by Ishwar Jha, an experienced entrepreneur who was CEO of DMCL (a Zee Entertainment company) and CIO of Sony Music India.


Workshop Objectives & Outcomes

The proven, step-by-step roadmap to starting and scaling up workshop is loved by CIIE -IIM Ahmedabad, IIIT Hyderabad, NASSCOM, NMIMS Mumbai, Udyogwardhini Nashik, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology Mumbai, and many more…


Do I have the mindset to be a successful entrepreneur?


How to find a great startup business idea and how to develop an idea worthy of launching?


How to guide the path to launch my startup business successfully?


Should I opt for a corporate career or start a business?


How do I raise the funding for my business?


How to build a product that solves customer problems in a meaningful way?


How do I receive the mentoring and guidance to get answers to questions and concerns?


How can I market my startup business to attract, convert and retain customers?


How do I maximize the chances of success and minimize the risk of failures?


What can I do to stay productive and get things done for my startup success?

Ishwar Jha

Meet the Instructor

Ishwar is the CEO of Appetals Solutions, a leading digital business consulting and product management company helping global enterprises and startups build digital products and solutions. He was previously the CEO and co-founder of DMCL (a Zee Entertainment company). He led the company to implement digital assets management, mobile VAS, India’s first OTT platform, and web portals.

Ishwar is a former CIO of Sony Music India, TiE Mentor, Advisor to NEN Foundation, Mentor of Change StartupIndia, and Visiting Faculty at Startup Village.

He has authored more than 80 articles for leading publications like MIS Asia, CIO Magazine, DataQuest, PC Quest, etc. He won several awards for his pioneering work by PC Quest magazine, CIO Magazine, and CNBC Young Turk featured entrepreneur.

He has been invited several times as a keynote speaker and panelist at leading conferences worldwide.

As both a senior corporate executive and an experienced entrepreneur with a successful track record, Ishwar brings depth, insights, and real-world experience to this Zero to Crore workshop.

Workshop Curriculum

Zero to Crore

Step 1: Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Zero to Crore workshop begins by helping you know the entrepreneurial mindset and approach of a successful entrepreneur.

It will help you get answers to these questions: Why now? Why you? Do you have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur? Why do you need to pursue it?

Module 2: Envisioning and Ideation

During this phase, you will learn how to convert an idea to a real-world product and solution. It helps participants learn the techniques to remain innovative, increase the chances of success for their ideas and identify unique value propositions.

Module 3: Creating the startup organization

This module of the workshop evolves steps needed to form the company. We cover startup formation essentials for selecting the company name, company type, patent and trademark registration, and other regulatory compliance required for the startup organization.

Module 4: Building the Market-ready product and solutions

Learn the processes, tools, and techniques involved in designing and developing new products in an evolving marketplace.
The participants understand the product development process from the product idea to market launch, having a competitive edge, design, development and customer validation to launch market-ready products and solutions.

Module 5: Startup Marketing and Growth Hacking

In Module 5, we focus on developing marketing and sales strategy to generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness using various marketing channels.

Module 6: Making Pitch Deck and Startup Funding

Create a Strong startup pitch deck that gets the startup in front of the potential investors and gets funded. We share the step-by-step process involved in making the pitch deck and identifying the investors.

Module 7: Checklist for Successful Startup Launch

Starting a business is an exciting journey that becomes daunting if the entire process is not planned and organized. Our unique launch checklist guides the path to accomplish the set goals.


What Our Participants Say

Sarvesh Prasad

Co-founder, Dee’s Alley | Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad

Being an entrepreneur myself, this workshop has helped me know what I could have done better at the time of launching my business some years back. The process driven areas like competitive analysis and other business models that were covered in depth was not something that was worked upon earlier. But now we would be able to apply that in our business.

Krishan Mittal

Founder and CEO | Unfurl Technologies

This workshop gives clarity on what has to be done and preparation needed to be an entrepreneur. The presenter was interactive and used combination of theoretical background and practical examples for content and answering questions.

Arjun Sarkar

CEO and Founder | Everguard Life Ventures

This session was an eye-opener in giving emphasis on reality v/s theory on entrepreneurship. The focus on covering 5-7 key areas including funding/ investor information was very useful

Ajit Jagannathan

Co-Founder | My Perfect Fit

The session was very knowledgeable and could relate to 90% of things of the things covered in the workshop. The remaining 10% of the information provided will enable me to fill the gaps in running my business. It also gives me some ready solutions to put the missing pieces in my business together. I feel that this session would have been very useful for me if I had attended it 6 months before when we were starting our business.

Bindu Madhav

Director | YDER Global, Centre For Incubation & Entrepreneurship, IIIT-Hyderabad

The workshop was very informative. In fact I myself need to prepare a lot and feel that some of the examples shared were very innovative, practical and up to date.

Rohit Walzade

Saturday Club Nashik

I loved that the workshop was extremely interactive engaging the attendees with activities that helped all present the importance of team work. The best part about the session were the activities and it helped me realise how important it is to work on one’s dreams. My wish is to spend a day with Sir.

Akash Lakdawala

Student | Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad

This workshop has helped me formulate my idea. The immediate interaction with Mr. Ishwar Jha has helped me structure my thoughts to present my idea to a venture capitalist whom I would be meeting shortly. It has also given me a lot of information on ideation and scaling up my new start-up idea.

Amit Kharat

Post Graduate Teacher in Radiology Informatics and PhD Research Guide

The information received was very easy to understand and gave a lot more clarity on start-up entrepreneurship in a very simplified manner. The practical knowledge shared in terms of business model, industry examples and corporate MNCs were very apt and to the point.

Mangesh Bhalerao

Co- Founder and CEO | GetSetSmart EduTech Pvt. Ltd.

The workshop was very informative and contained first hand experience of Mr. Ishwar Jha. It covered all the topics in a very methodical way and was very interactive to brainstorm and get feedback on the spot on the ideas/ products.

Rohanak Naidu Savarala

Program Manager | Spark10 Startup Accelerator

I liked the presentation style and the examples that were used to explain how to build your business and its working. The step-by-step approach explained in detail in the presentation was very useful.

Rahul Prajapti


The workshop was very well structured and helped me clearly identify the steps involved in starting out my venture. It met the objectives of the workshop as all the concepts were given appropriate time and covered very well. Although I’d have liked for more attention and time to be spent on the fund raising part of the business. Looking forward to more detailed sessions.

Nitin Patil


The presenter was very knowledgeable and his skill of presentation was commendable. He kept us engaged through activities and I got to learn about the different ways in which one can expand the business. The activities were engaging and prevented it from being a boring session.

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