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The art of making your startup great

Use these three laws for designing the system of exponential growth for your startup.

1) The Moore’s Law states that the performance of computing doubles every 18 months at a given price, and there is significant evidence to the law. In spite of the power of computing growing rapidly in last two decades, the pricing has not changed. Is your startup idea designed to double the offer without impacting the price much?

2) Metcalfe’s Law vouch for the value of the network is a function of the square of its node. The effect can be seen all around us.  To cite an example, having a phone to access the network and connect to another node anywhere in the world. The value of the network to you as a user rises exponentially over time with the number of phones added to the network.

3) The power Law which signifies the convention of the value of the best outcome exceeds all other outcomes combined. In the business scenario, the 97% profits are earned by the less than 10% companies of the world.

Apply the power of Moore’s Law and/or Metcalfe’s law to create an extraordinary income/profit in your business.

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