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Thanks Goodness it’s Father’s Day!

The other day, I overheard Mahesh Bhatt on the radio saying, “Today’s generation is gone far ahead of us. What Alia has achieved at age 24, I’d not get there where I was 40.” It certainly made me feel proud about Alia and Mahesh Bhatt.

I have had the opportunity to interact with over 20000 young adults in the past two years through my program on entrepreneurship and employability. I have ended up being more convinced that though they have more ‘exposure’ about the life and the world around them than us(parents), but they are extremely confused, disoriented, disconnected and illusory about life’s realities. 

I guess most parents are spending more money and much less time. I guess parents are into the race to provide material luxury rather than character building. I guess parents feel having a college degree alone solves most of the problem.

I guess fatherhood has become a societal obligation rather than the joyous endeavour.

I want to remind you of the fatherly responsibility of raising a well mannered, responsible, reliable and sociable child and not a mere existence.

I remember a friend saying, “Freedom is fine, but whom do you want to see entering your home – a drunk, spoilt, misbehaved, abusive and arrogant person?”
Happy Father’s Day! Tomorrow will be just an another day…