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Tear off the Curtain

Gauri Sarin quoted Sadguru, “Life must not be a Pursuit of Happiness but an Expression of Joy.” This got me into thinking – when we all know that joy is so much wonderful and we know that it’s possible then why do we put a delusory curtain to victimize the self in misery?

It’s said that happiness and misery are divided by a curtain of illusion. It’s like you know that the ray of morning sun is blissful yet you put the curtain to get the darkness in your bedroom to continue sleeping. The illusory curtain is very attractive and pleasant. The sleeping person is consummated under the influence that nothing is going to change by him loosing his sleep as things are going to happen in its own time.

On the other side when you experience the sun rising, the first ray of sun on your face, the fresh morning air, the bird chirping or you can get your work done without distractions – you will find that you have been missing so much. You have lost so much of bliss experiences and you have lost valuable time that would have helped shape your life so much better.

To experience joy you need to tear off the illusory curtain that is blocking the joy to appear in your life. Tear off the curtain so that you can experience the sunshine, tear off the curtain so that you can feel the bliss. Sit quietly and experience the peace and you’d never want to go back to the darkness again. Once you tear off the curtain and experience the joy you’d never return back. Om Joy!