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Story, Strategy, and Substance

If you dream of leaving in a meaningful way, knowing your story, your strategy and the substance is necessary, and you must begin with the story.

Some people say the strategy is what gets things done in a way that delivers the result, and I too don’t deny it either.

Some other ones would say that the substance is necessary. Because, if you know your meaning you can get everything else sorted out.

I have found that knowing your story is important, and the most important way to ask yourself is “If you have to write your autobiography someday, what would you do today that gets added into the page?”

And once you know your story, preparing the strategy to live the story will become much easier, and you will consistently find the meaning as your every moment is planned in a meaningful way. 

So, today is your day, write down your story, prepare your strategy and live every day in a more meaningful way.