Do well keeping things simple

It’s too complicated. Each one of us nudge when faced with something that do not provide the ease of use.

In earlier notion, stuffing features to influence the mind of a buyer was considered important. Many of the software had so many features that we could hardly use.

Making things work and work well is highly satisfying and attention to usability, convenience, engagement and enriching experience matters more than ever.

Keeping thing simple gives us the room to get to the market faster, step back, room to breathe, and focus on the quality and fineness of things that we produce.

KISS has got new meaning – Keep It Simple Stupid

Not Much Separated

Other is not so “other” as you thinks
Veda mentions the whole universe as the supreme self.
Lord Krishna in the battlefield of Mahabharata shown his vast self and said “I am the only one; second is none”
Lord Jesus says; “Love your enemy just as you love yourself”
Gautam Buddha said to his disciples; “After each meditation when you are feeling blissful, full of joy, peace, silence… shower and share your silence, your peace, your blissfulness with the whole of existence. It is not a question whether someone deserves it or not. The more you share it, the more you will get it. The farther your blessings reach, the more and more blessings will shower on you from all directions. Existence always gives you back more than you have given to it.”
The sound of clapping looks good when you make both hands meet in equilibrium.
If you beat your left hand with right hand the pain is equal to you; you never feel happy that your left hand is in pain.
Kabir got annoyed when someone called him “Other”. He said one who says “Other” he is like impotent.
Bless yourself everyday a happy day!!!

Stay Relevant

Your future depends on what you are doing today to stay relevant in the world changing faster than anyone’s imagination.

You make a tall claim stating yourself as a “dynamic” person. But, truly, ask yourself today, “What have you done lately to stay dynamic?”

There’s this notion that your future can be predicted by the five people you spend the most time with. I would like to tell you one more important thing and that is the kind of skills you are acquiring today will profoundly shape the life you are going to live in the weeks, months and years to come.

If you want to grow in your career, you need to practice the skills you’ll need now, so you can perform well in the future. You are not born knowing how to develop a product, lead a team, give great speeches, sell to prospects, or manage money. These aspects of day-to-day business life are
all skills, and you can improve your performance to the extent you choose to practice. Improve any one of these skills, and you can’t help but improve your career.

Picking up these skills are easier than you think.
Cut down the time waster things that you indulge in – watching TV, surfing internet, meaningless meetings, etc. and put that time for learning and practicing things that will take you where you are now to where you dream to go.
Practice new skills today, and your opportunities expand. Its proven truth that the most rewarding career and life are reserved for the people who are willing to put in the time and effort required to develop the skills necessary to enjoy them. There is no substitute for this.

Plan your work, then work your plan

There will always be more to do, always more that should be done and always more than can be done.

In other words, work will never stop unless you make the decision to stop, to organise and to prioritise not just your work tasks, but your life, your dreams and goals, spending time with your family, giving time for pursuing your hobbies, surfing and chilling out.

Reflect on this piece of advice today, circle the calendar on your table pointing on the date when you will put the real living into your practice and let me know how you feel now.

I am OK you are OK

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Take great pride in your family, let every member spend their time and energy in creating a legacy of love, health and wealth. Pray together to grow in those three tenants and learn to pursue them passionately and in a meaningful way.

Strive for happiness from loving human relationships, knowing that every person has a dream to pursue their life differently. Let everyone have a dream and chase their own goals knowing that happiness lies in every step, not in the end result.

Wealth is the outcome of following the passion. To accomplish career success, you must amplify your contribution in making the world better.

A human grows when they make their own decisions based on love and courage, not obligation and fear. Support people with the needful help to make their decisions easier.

Let people pursue their own path, only influence it with the life lessons you have learned so that they don’t fall into the trap of wrongdoing.

Let’s make some sunshine today, tomorrow, forever…

The Book of Happiness

A disheartened sad man approaches a street bookseller, “I am suffering from deep sadness, please give me any book reading where I can know the secrets of living with happiness.”
The Bookseller replied, ” I can certainly give you the book but you cannot afford it. It costs Rs. 700 and I know you don’t have that money. But, I suggest you go and watch the circus there in the field. There is a joker in the circus who will help you forget your sufferings and laugh throughout the show. It will make you feel happy.”
The Man replied, “I am the joker of that circus. I make the whole world laugh but no one understands my pain.”

What does it means to be an entrepreneur, exactly?

“Entrepreneurs basically not only see the opportunities, but also the solutions.”

“A critical element to a successful entrepreneur- he or she thinks in themes, not in single events.”

“I don’t know too many insecure successful entrepreneurs.”

“Fear and courage are very closely related. Anybody who does not understand fear does not know courage.”

“Entrepreneurs don’t fail – things sometimes just don’t work out. But, that’s it.”

“Entrepreneurs don’t just deal with risk, they have a risk appetite. They look for changes that will make the difference.”

“An entrepreneur is a guy who thinks outside of the box, a person who does not accept the conventional. He constantly asks ‘what if?’, ‘could I?’, or ‘should I?’”

“There is a Confucian saying: ‘The definition of a schmuck is someone who reached his goal.’ Entrepreneurs always keep going – they never stop.”

“It is lonely being an entrepreneur. Often, you turn around and ask:Where is everybody?”

“I’ll tell you a story that I think is probably the most significant advice that I give young entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur was facing bankruptcy, and he beseeches God repeatedly each week to let him win the lottery to save his livelihood.

The first week, he didn’t win.

The second week, he didn’t win. But the third time, a flash of light appears, and from up high, comes a voice — and it’s the voice of God — You’ve got to buy a ticket!

Center in the self for unconditional giving

I asked Krishna, “Krishna, every day I face uncertainty, challenges, fear, and distress. How can I cope with these scary situations?”

Krishna said, “You can attain perfect harmony by following the principles of unconditional giving, which require you to combine your inner wisdom with right action. Without either one, you will not get the best results. If you have wisdom but do not act, you may miss an opportunity or cause harm. If you act without wisdom, you may make mistakes or regret your choices.

You will have to make difficult decisions from time to time, and you need to use your inner wisdom to guide you in choosing the right option and then acting on it until you achieve your goal.
When you are centered in unconditional giving, you will not be shaken by difficulties, you will not be disturbed by happiness, you will not be overwhelmed by distress, you will not be afraid of anything, and you will not suffer from anxiety.”

A Seeker of God

A seeker of God came to Ramakrishna Paramhansa and asked, “I have heard you have visions of Goddess Kali.”
Ramakrishna: “Yes, that is true. What about it?”
Seeker: “Can you please ask her to appear to me as well?”
Ramakrishna: “Tell me where you live, so I can send her to you.”
The seeker gave him his home address.
Ramakrishna: “This is the address of your house, not of yourself. Give me your own address. What if you are not at home when she comes?”
The seeker then gave him his office address.
Ramakrishna: “This is the address of your workplace, not of yourself. Give me your own address.”
The seeker was puzzled and did not know what to say.
Ramakrishna: “The day you discover your true self, you will meet the Goddess on your own. She will always come to you when you know who you are, not where you live or work.”

15 Magic Phrases Great Leaders Use to motivate and express gratitude

Here are 15 magic phrases that great leaders use to motivate and recognize people around them:

1. I’ll try my best
2. I’m wrong; you’re right
3. I believe in you
4. Congratulations!
5. It’s my pleasure
6. You outdid yourself
7. I’ll remember this forever
8. You earned it
9. You come highly recommended
10. I’m listening
11. Let’s learn from this
12. I’m proud of you
13. Thank you
14. I’m sorry
15. You can count on me
These phrases aim to motivate and express gratitude to employees, inspiring them to maintain peak performance. Try it to cultivate a positive work environment, instill trust, and empower your people around you to unleash their full potential.
From the book “Follow Your Conscience”

How to Dream Catching

Imagine achieving your ultimate goal or reaching your desired destination.

Envision yourself at sixty, living that reality.

Where are you located?

What activities fill your days?

Note down all your achievements and craft your life story.

Is it the narrative you hoped for?


Reflect on your life journey. After writing, carefully identify specific elements. Successful individuals worldwide use this “dream catching” technique.

Now it’s your turn.

Enhance your life’s structure, flow, clarity, and grammar. Remember, this practice doesn’t involve adding personal knowledge.

Do not kill the passion

I met a guy a few days ago who was looking for mentoring. He had failed in academics, but he had learned DJ skills on his own and had a lot of confidence in his talent.

He told me that he loved performing in front of thousands of people and making them dance and enjoy his music, but he felt no support from his family. He said his mom thought that DJing was not a career.

I asked him, “Why don’t you follow your passion?” He looked sad and said, “I know I can do well here, but I don’t want to disappoint my mom.” His eyes were filled with tears.

I advised him to look for some part-time work that could help him pay for his living expenses and pursue his passion. I also told him that I could help him find some opportunities to perform at parties or functions and get lots of compliments for his skills.

Finding the lost you

The essence of enlightenment doesn’t lie in the pursuit of ultimate consciousness, but in understanding oneself in the present moment.

Imagine being poor with Rs. 10; then, as you gain more wealth, you consistently feel poor, no matter the amount, due to others having more. Remembering your true nature can change your perception: seeing yourself as kind makes you feel kind, and envisioning yourself as a master makes you feel like one.

A story from my childhood resonates with this idea: a king’s unruly son, forced to live as a beggar, forgets his royal heritage. Years later, the king, seeking his son, finds him in destitution and reminds him of his identity. The prince, recalling his royal lineage, sheds his beggarly life, transforms into a king, and is instantly treated with respect. He articulates that when he remembered his true self, he forgot his former state.

Constantly remembering our true identity eradicates the need for external reminders. Rediscovering oneself initiates transformation. Thus, by recalling who we truly are, a profound shift occurs, obviating the need for external cues.

Never Outshine Your Master

Kabir’s verse: Guru Govind dono khade kake lagu paay Balihari Guru aapki Govind diyo batay.

I interpret this verse by Kabir in two ways:

One is that I was confused about the identity of the god and my master came to my aid and taught me how to recognize God and bow to his feet.

The other is that both my master and the God were present before me. I first bow to the feet of my master who introduced me to God.
Here are a few other instances where Masters helped their disciple outshine:

Tulsidas asked Hanuman if he would see Lord Ram, Hanuman assured him that Ram would visit his hermitage someday and he would be able to see God. When Ram came as a child, Tulsidas did not recognize him. Hanuman appeared and pointed out to Tulsidas that his Lord Ram had arrived.

Respect your master for their wisdom and experience. Do not try to impress them with your skills, abilities, achievements or uniqueness. Make your masters look more brilliant than they are and you will reach the peak of power.

Use these tips to outshine your master:

• Dress and act like someone who shares the values of your master.
• Let your master think they are smarter than you
• Always present yourself as a curious and eager to learn from the guidance and suggestions of your master

Raise Your Standard

Do you remember the first word you spoke as a child?

Do you know how you felt when you took your first step when you had enough power in your leg to stand and move?

Do you remember your first day at the nursery school to start learning? What was the first thing that you learned?

Now, imagine how you have come a long way from your first word, first step, and first lesson in nursery school to become a good communicator, first uncertain steps to walking long distances and a skilled and knowledgeable person.

When you read the stories of people like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and so on who’ve set rules to work hard to raise their standards higher in order to make positive changes are unbelievable.

If you dare to raise your standards, the same power exists within you. It all starts with a simple change in yourself, whether transforming yourself, an organization, a company, a nation, or the world.

Time is now, the person is you, if not now, when?

भाव पे न टिकने वाले को दुकानदार समान नहीं देता तो भाव न होने वालों को हरि कैसे मिले

भाव बिना बाजार में वस्तु मिले नहीं मोल।
बिना हरी कमजोर भाव सहित हरी बोल।।
आज नज़र पर गयी कबीर के इस दोहे पर और एक कहानी याद आ गया। एक आदमी पत्नी से बोला की मैं बाज़ार जा रहा हूँ।
पत्नी बोली “बाज़ार जा रहे हो तो कुछ अच्छा दिखे तो ख़रीद लेना और ठग मत जाना बाज़ार में काफ़ी सारे ठग बैठे रहते हैं।”
पति बाज़ार पहुँचा और उसे एक छाता दिखा जो उसे पसंद आ गया। उसने दुकानदार से भाव पूछा।
दुकानदार ने कहा “200 रुपए”
पति को पत्नी की सलाह याद आ गया “उसने कहा 100 का दोगे।”
दुकानदार समझ गया की ग्राहक समझदार है, उसने कहा 160 का दूँगा।
वह समझ दुकानदार बहुत बड़ा ठग है उसने तुरंत भाव बदल दी, कहा 80 का दोगे?
दुकानदार ने कहा 10 का दूँगा।
ग्राहक ने कहा 40 का दोगे।
दुकानदार ने कहा मुफ़्त का ही लेलो
ग्राहक ने कहा फिर तो दो ले लूँगा।
और उसे दुकानदार ने छाता नहीं दिया।
अगर भाव पे न टिकने वाले को दुकानदार समान नहीं देता तो भाव न होने वालों को हरि कैसे मिल सकता है। तो अगर हरि चाहिए तो सम्पूर्ण भाव से पुकारो। ज़रूर ही मिलेंगे।

Mother and Motherland is Superior to all

After defeating Ravan, Lord Ram approached him and, with folded palms, spoke, “You have committed grave crimes, including the abduction of my wife and numerous evil and disruptive acts. Your crimes were heinous that I had no option other than take your life. Despite this, I acknowledge your wisdom and knowledge, and I humbly request that you share your wisdom with me.”

Ravan replied, “Oh, Ram! I only wish I had more time to be your teacher rather than your adversary. My time is limited, so I’ll impart the most crucial lesson I’ve learned in my life: Bad things easily captivate and entice you, leading you to hoard them impatiently. On the other hand, the things that are truly beneficial for you often fail to attract your attention. You skillfully invent powerful excuses to justify your disregard for them. This is why I was hasty in abducting Sita but never made an effort to meet you. These are my parting words, Ram; it’s your responsibility to recognize and embrace goodness.”

Rising to Great Heights

“I have this feeling of living a loser and rotten life. They say, every dog has a day but, it seems, my life is written without my day. Isn’t that even God supports only the blessed few?”

When you plant fern and bamboo side by side, the fern sprouts quickly but remains short, while the bamboo takes time to grow but eventually reaches great heights. It’s similar in life – sometimes, we need time to build a strong foundation before we can achieve rapid growth.

Our periods of struggle are like nurturing our roots and developing the right mindset and skills to handle success. Opportunities surround us, and it’s our task to recognize them and take action to forge our unique path. With continuous effort and creativity, we can craft a happy and purposeful life through the choices we make and our commitment to our goals.

God eagerly awaits us to rise to our fullest potential and show the world our glory.

God cherishes his ardent devotees

रित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् ।
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥

In a world where nothing is guaranteed, here comes the promise from the supreme God himself through the verses of Bhagavad Gita:

To protect the good from the evil, I shall advent from time to time. It’s the faith in the Supreme God that has moved many ardent devotees to live with the joy, peace and prosperity.

God forewarns, God protects, God cherishes his ardent devotees.

Sit straight, close your eyes, wear a smile and feel the assurances of God. You will find no fear, no anxiety, no worries, no shortcomings. You are amazing under the armour of God. Start blessed. Stay blessed.

Live first. Then tell.

Thoreau said, “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”

Yesterday, during my commute home on the metro, I couldn’t help but notice how nearly everyone was engrossed in their mobile screens, diligently scanning, watching, and sharing various content with others.

This made me think the wisdom in such actions. While the sharing of thoughts, quotes, and stories from diverse sources is common, genuine knowledge is born from personal experience.

It’s not derived from books, blogs, videos, magazines, TV, or movies. It must be rooted in your own encounters with the world, your unique lens.

In essence, for better structure and clarity, it’s essential to live and accumulate personal experiences before you truly have something valuable to share with others.