Your true measure is how you treat inferiors, not equals

I am sure you know that billionaires and beggars are just like you – all have a heart, all have struggled through challenges, and all feel a streak of genius.

I was profoundly impacted by noticing an incident while traveling along with Dr. Subhash Chandra, the founder and chairman of Zee Entertainment. A liftman saluted him, showing his gratitude when he entered the lift. He immediately reciprocated, “Namaste! How are you?” The glow on the face of the liftman was worth a billion.

Later, he told me, “It is so important to acknowledge the gratitude irrespective of from whom you receive it.”

I learned that you must have a deep respect and understanding for people from all walks of life. Becoming fabulously wealthy or intellectual doesn’t make anyone better – it only means that you have been a bit more fortunate, and fortunes are won and lost every moment.

You will never come up with anything original if you are not ready to be wrong

I keep drawing inspiration and love telling this story to people.

A six-year-old little girl was in her drawing lesson. The girl was so deeply engrossed in her drawing that she didn’t pay attention to anything around her. Watching her so engrossed in her work, the teacher felt fascinated and approached her, “What are you drawing?”

The girl said, “I’m drawing a picture of God.”

The teacher quizzed further with her sense of affirmation, “But, nobody knows what God looks like.” The girl said, “They will in a minute.”

Take a chance like kids. Kids don’t know about success or failure. They are not frightened of being wrong. If you aim to grow, it’s only possible when you’re willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable and ready to try new things. You have lost your child-like curiosity from the time you become an adult. Regain it back if you aim to stop being frightened of being wrong.

How to design a better life

You can design a better life, if you only remember these few things…

Remember that you are a designer of your life.

To be a designer of your life, you must think about your life plan as a designer – what is your desirability to reap tangible and strategic outcome.

Listen to you, people and environment to find the inspirations that will be like a dewdrop to invoke your own intuition, creativity and confidence.

Remember that Not knowing is just fine.

Awaken your genius within to learn, experiment, risk and having the attitude to feel “alright” even when you fail. Trust that one day you’ll be perfect, fine and profoundly expert in your act.

Remember that being optimistic is like being alive.

Whatever is not in your reach today is your opportunity to get tomorrow. When you self-doubt, it’s better to start with “What if?” instead of wondering about “What’s wrong?” Believe and burst yourself for better future.

Remember that you can beat by going out and getting done.

Don’t ponder over the things. Don’t procrastinate. Pull yourself out of your comfort zone. Go out of the building and learn from the world. Everywhere around the wisdom is awaiting for you to come and learn.

Strength is a must to live a good life

I did my primary education in the same school where my father was a teacher. Every day, I’d walk for 6 KM to go to school and return back home. My father would ride a bicycle at the speed of maybe 10 kilometers per hour, and on most days, I’d run behind him to reach school.
One day, during the summer, I was running behind him, wet with sweat, red-faced, and breathing high. A fellow teacher and friend of my father, noticing my condition, said to my father, “Why are you becoming so merciless? Don’t you notice the condition of your son? Give him lift.”
My father replied, “I am well aware of what I am doing and his condition. I also know that to live good life, he must possess a physical, mental and emotional strength that will keep him firm and tireless to face the life situations. It’s my way to train and prepare him for tomorrow.”
Several years later, when I met the same teacher during my visit to Bihar, he patted my back and said, “I wish every father acts like your father did and narrated the story to me.”
Until my last breath, my father is my first and last master, guide, guiding force…

The truth reveals itself to those who are truthful to the self

The truth reveals itself to those who are truthful to the self

Satyakama, a young man, reached the hermitage of Sage Gautam. He had a desire to know the Brahma and wanted to know the truth.

He bowed his head on the feet of the sage Gautam and pleaded,” Oh; Great Sage, I have come in search of truth. Be kind to me and teach me the knowledge of Brahma. I am blind and I want light.”

The Rishi asked him:” Son, what is your Gotra? Who is your Father? What is his name?”

That young man did not know his father. Nor did he know his Gotra. He went to his mother, asked her and returned. And what his mother told him he repeated to the Gautam.
He said:” God! I neither know my Gotra nor do I know my father’s name. My mother also does not know my father. I asked her, and then she said that she was playing with many respectable persons in her youth and used to please them. She does not know from whom I was born. The name of my mother is Jabali. Therefore I am Satyakama Jabali. She has asked me to tell you this!

The simple true self-introduction by Satyakama deeply impressed Sage Gautam. He embraced that young man and said:” My dear, you are definitely a Brahmin. So much faith in truth is the very symptom of a Brahmin. You will definitely be able to find the Brahma because to him who has the courage to be true to himself, truth itself will come searching at his doors”.

प्रश्न है जबतक मैं स्वयं को नहीं जानता

कई दिनों से एक प्रश्न था
मन में मचलता रहा परेशान करता रहा
कई लोगों से पूछा कईयों से चर्चा भी की
कई ने मुह फेर ली कई ने डांट लगा दी.
प्रश्न फिर भी प्रश्न था मनपटल से मिटा नहीं
घूमता भटकता मन में आया एक ख़याल
क्यूँ न जाऊँ प्रश्न लेकर बुद्ध के पास
बोल मैं बुद्ध से ओ महात्मन
हो अगर न आपको कोई कष्ट या दुबिधा बड़ी
एक प्रश्न है हल ढूँढने को बेकल है मन मेरी
बुद्ध ने कहा – अब तक तुम्हे क्यों न उत्तर मिला
मैंने कहा पूछा कईयों से पर किसीने न उत्तर दिया
बुद्ध ने कहा जवाब के लिए आना एक साल बाद
फिर दे दी शर्त तुम यह प्रश्न किसी से न पूछना
जबाब मिलेगा सही यह वादा है तुमसे मेरा।

रह गया मैं दंग कोई उपाय भी नहीं सुझा
बुद्ध पर करके भरोसा निकल गया चुपचाप
निश्चिंत मैं मन शांत होकर सोचता रहा समाधान
फिर कुछ समय बाद प्रश्न कहीं गुम हो गया.

एक बर्ष बाद बुद्ध बोले बता क्या है प्रश्न तेरा
मैंने कहा रहने दीजिये अब प्रश्न प्रश्न नहीं रहा
उन्होंने कहा तुम बाद में मुझको न बादी करारना
मैं हूँ तैयार तू चाहे तो अभी प्रश्न पूछ डालना
मैंने कहा की अब प्रश्न मेरा न रहा
प्रश्न था जबतक मैं स्वयं को नहीं पहचानता

My father wanted me to do these five things and yours too

1. Educate well

When you were born, your father dreamt of you becoming a better version of him.
Not seeing me much interested in education during my early childhood, my father said, “education is the light that will develop the intelligence through which you can see the world in a new perspective.”
My father always felt that we should be well educated and achieve excellence. His emphasis was on substantiating our learning with practical field skills.
Your father wants to hold his head up and announce to the world about your education and your knowledge. For him, the gift of education is priceless and the most revered thing that you can gift to him.
Even though you want to live and do for your passion, education helps you develop your brain and intellect to better execute and pursue your passion for achieving excellence in life. The Hinduism scripture says – “Those parents who do not provide proper education to their kids are like enemy. He appears like stork in the conference of swan.”
Education is the most precious wealth compared to any other form of wealth!

2. Care for your mother

Your mother is the source of your existence. Words like innocence, love, care, commitment, and affection are synonymous with motherhood.
She is there with open arms and unconditional support in your thick and thin.
She compromised her comfort and sleep for you.
Your mother never bothered about her feelings. She faked her laughter for you to smile, cried when you were in pain, and always prayed to the almighty for your well-being.
You are lucky that you have a mother – many others stay deprived of a mother’s love. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is the most soulfully soft woman you will find anywhere.
Your father wants you to care for her and give her the dues.

3. Love and Pride for your Nation

After victory in Lanka, the lord Ram said to Lakshman, “Lakshman, even this golden Lanka does not attract me. Mother and motherland are greater than heaven.”
Your motherland has provided you with earth, water, fire, ether, and air to shape your physical form and existence.
Your love for the nation should go beyond taking credit for being born here. You must, through your efforts, contribute to elevating the cultural, traditional, and social status of your nation.
Your deeds and acts should be such that everyone should aspire to your indomitable spirit of building and safeguarding your national interest.

4. Leave the small for big things in life

The pleasure that you get taking a bath in the pond, lake, or river, you will get a similar or more pleasure while bathing in the sea – leave the pond, river, or lake for the sea.
My father was struggling with the social unjust imposed upon him. I was scared to leave my family for my studies and career growth. For a while, we lived in very unsafe social settings. My father said, “These matters are temporary. It will settle down. But, your time and opportunity will not come again.”

5. Right to Action

You think of the result first without realizing that your action brings the result.
The more you spend thinking about the result, the less time you will get for the actions.
The bullock pulls the cart, not otherwise. Your action will bring the result, not dreaming about the results.
In many cases, it does not matter what you do. What matters is that you do something and keep doing it until you get the result?
Lord Krishna’s Sutra to Arjuna;
You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action।
I wrote fortnightly letters to my father, updating him about things, plans, and vision. He would rarely reply to those letters. On my visit to the home, I asked him, “Why you don’t reply to my letters?”
He said, “You write too many flowery sentences in your letter. It would be best to spend more time doing things and then sharing the results. The wealth, donation and vision fructifies when kept secretly.”

The real value of a man comes not just by standing tall but the difference you make

The great sage Narada visited Mansarovar. Mansarovar was very pleased to host Narada. He pleaded Narada to answer his question, “O great sage, I am the tallest mountain peak, I possess pure air, most of precious metals, plants and creatures. Still I don’t get same respect as river Ganga. Why?”
Narada replied,” O great mountain, it’s because you’re not leaving in to serve the humanities. Ganga travels across the length and breadth of our country, offers it’s pure water, cleanse people’s sin, instil faith, and nourishes plants and trees. You don’t do anything as such in spite of possessing every thing.”
The Mansarovar realised it and saluted to the Sage Narada.

Other is not so “other” as you think

Veda mentions the whole universe as the supreme self.
On the battlefield of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna shows his vast self and says, “I am the only one; second is none.”
Lord Jesus says, “Love your enemy just as you love yourself.”
Gautam Buddha said to his disciples, “After each meditation when you are feeling blissful, full of joy, peace, silence… shower and share your silence, your peace, your blissfulness with the whole of existence. It is not a question of whether someone deserves it or not. The more you share it, the more you will get it. The farther your blessings reach, the more and more blessings will shower on you from all directions. Existence always gives you back more than you have given to it.”
The clapping sound looks good when you make both hands meet in equilibrium.
If you beat your left hand with your right hand, the pain is equal to you; you never feel happy that your left hand is in pain.
Kabir got annoyed when someone called him “Other.” He said one who says “Other” is impotent.

Good deeds of today are enough to forgive your sin of past

Even if you have indulged in a bad deed, but you carry out the acts of heroic stature, the world will forgive your bad past and salute you for your goodness;

~~ Maharishi Balmiki was a serial killer and hunter. When Narada met him and advised him to become a god devotee, he pronounced Ram as Mara. We all know he went on to write Balmiki Ramayana, through which we instill the value of humanity and holistic living in our life.
~~ King Ashoka was a great warrior, and he killed many, including his family, in arrogance and out of taking revenge. When he turned to Buddhism, he became a great ruler and sage of Buddhism practice. Our national flag carries his Ashok Chakra as a national emblem.
Forgive yourself for your past acts and start living for a humanity-driven action today – the world will cry for you when you die.

What is in your possession?

The river never drinks its own water, nor do trees eat their own fruit – Seek your true eternal pleasure by giving your possession of body, mind, and wealth for uplifting the planet’s harmony.
It’s not the money, gold, or another form of material that weighs you – you’ll be known for the contribution that you have made to the uncommon cause of society.
Unfavorable circumstances and eventualities are never going to go away – you must take these with a loving and positive attitude to emerge as a winner, which will make you an ideal person.
Profit, Loss, Life, Death, Honor, and Dishonor is in God’s hands – one who knows this live life fearless and bravely.

Rabbit vs Wolf

Do you fear obstacles and fear? Do you get scared when you face the confrontation? Do you search for the safe heaven to burrow yourself deep beneath the earth to feel safer and comfortable — you’re very likely possessing the Rabbit nature; always fearing; always running for cover to be safe and live comfortable.
If you are like a Wolf, you’d like to play it far and wide with aggression. Try analyzing yourself to seek whether you possess the brevity to go far and beyond to accomplish whatever you wish rather than remaining in the safety net.
Rabbit vs. Wolf discovery will help you find whether you are a seemingly timid person whose life philosophy is to avoid trouble or are you a predator whose very stance inspires fear? Are you happy being what you are, or do you harbor a secret desire to change and influence?

Belief is like a lantern in a blind man’s hand

The lantern in the hand of a blind man is of no use – he cannot see, cannot use, cannot lighten, and the lantern is just a burden to him. Belief is about believing in what others say.
Belief is dangerous – you develop belief out of ignorance. Someone says that there is a God, so you develop a belief in God. Remember when you listen to jokes told by a standup comedian – you laugh because everyone else is laughing without understanding the joke. Belief is like that, you get carried away for belief.
We see the side effects of belief all around us, and then people start succumbing by living in a state of rotten feelings. Like someone says that there is a God, there is a soul, and there is prayer through which you can seek God’s blessings. You believed in God without seeking clarity about it. Please don’t believe in something unless you are convinced about it. If you know that you don’t know, there is a possibility that you may seek and search. Your belief will not even allow you to seek and search because you already think you know.
Remember the scene from the movie Jab We Met – Kareena Kapoor advises Shahid Kapoor to burn and flush out the photo of his broken love. Shahid Kapoor says – “He is feeling better. He is feeling unburdened and relaxed.” You will feel very clean when you throw your beliefs to the fire. It is just a burden. It is not yours; it cannot help. We know what is right, but we do what is wrong. We know anger is bad, and we go on being angry again and again. We know what needs to get done, but we never do it; we do just the opposite.

A drop of water fell into the ocean

One day a drop of water fell into the ocean. When it found itself there, it began to weep and complain.
The great ocean laughed at the drop of water. Why do you weep? it asked.”I don’t understand. When you join me, you join all ur brothers and sisters, the other drops of water of which I’m made. You become the ocean itself. If you wish to leave me, you have only to rise up on a sunbeam into the clouds. From there you can descend again, little drop of water, a blessing and a benediction to the thirsty earth.”

How to tune into your patience frequency

  • Make list of things that create inconvenience and upsets you
  • Against each of the item write down the level at which you can be pushed before you retaliate or loose your control.
  • Think of the ways by which you can raise the bar of your patience and develop ways to handle these circumstances.
  • Your target should be to attain the level where nothing, absolutely nothing causes you even the slightest shred of annoyance.
  • Imbibing patience is the secret of permanent happiness.

Only capable hands can realise your true potential

Hanuman possess greatest strength, power, wisdom, ability, and indomitable spirit and all these he put at the feet of Lord Rama. Hanuman did not use for himself. He did not go berserk.
He did not use his talents to promote himself or to dominate over others or to glorify himself.
There was no self in Hanuman.
It was all Ram, Ram, Ram…
Surrender your abilities to capable hands to realize your true potential

Zen Story: First empty your cup

Nan-in, a Japanese master met a university professor who came to inquire about Zen.
Nan-in served tea. He poured until cup full, and then kept on pouring.
The professor kept watching the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. “It is overfull. No more will go in!”
“Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”

Zen Story: I wish I’d give him this beautiful moon

Ryokan was living in a little hut at the foot of a mountain. One night a thief entered the hut and he was disappointed to find nothing to be stolen.
Ryokan caught the thief–“U’ve come from long distance.You’d not return empty handed. Please take my clothes as a gift.”
The thief was bewildered.He took the clothes and slunk away. Ryokan sat naked watching the moon. “Poor fellow,I wish I’d give him this beautiful moon.”

Let fate move on its own path, and you focus on doing what’s your calling

The concept of destiny may be correct, but you don’ rely on it. Brave are those who rely on their singular capabilities to turn the tide in their favor, whatever may be the fate would have decided for it.
God Krishna said, “God does not reward or punish, but the nature does it.” A brick may hit you, but you continue forging ahead confident as if you’ll keep doing what you love to do.nt,” “work hard,” “peddle fast and focus,” as a must for becoming a successful entrepreneur.
It makes you so stressed that you start putting in extra hours, stop caring about your health, and struggle to stay closer to your loved ones.
Don’t kill yourself — you have chosen to become an entrepreneur to create a more meaningful life. If you feel down and out, stop it.
A relaxed body and calm mind boost concentration, attention, decision-making skills, creativity, social skills, and better health and decrease mood fluctuations, stress, anger, and impulsiveness.

Don’t destroy yourself in the race to win big in life

I used to work usually 12 – 14 hours every day. My father stayed with me for some time. He observed me every day going early to work and returning very late. One day he asked: “Are you running away from me or genuinely, you work so much?”
My wife echoed her opinion saying that I am coming a bit earlier because of my father.
He stated: “Today, you are working hard to make money. Tomorrow you will need to work harder to arrange the money for medical expenses.”
His thoughts changed my lifestyle and working habits forever.
Most people write “think big,” “change the world,” “be prudent,” “work hard,” “peddle fast and focus,” as a must for becoming a successful entrepreneur.
It makes you so stressed that you start putting in extra hours, stop caring about your health, and struggle to stay closer to your loved ones.
Don’t kill yourself — you have chosen to become an entrepreneur to create a more meaningful life. If you feel down and out, stop it.
A relaxed body and calm mind boost concentration, attention, decision-making skills, creativity, social skills, and better health and decrease mood fluctuations, stress, anger, and impulsiveness.