Ishwar Jha Profile

Entrepreneur @Appetals. I specialize in idea development, product management, and growth consulting for technology businesses. | Maker, mentor, and guide for entrepreneurs.

  Former CIO of Sony Music India, CEO of DMCL (a Zee Entertainment enterprise) and Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment.

  My 80+ articles published in MIS Asia, CIO Magazine, DataQuest, PC Quest, Times of India, and others.

  I won awards for my many first and pioneering work by PC Quest magazine, CIO Magazine, and CNBC Young Turk featured entrepreneur.


MockRabbit is the world’s first intelligent interview practice app using the power of NLP/AI/ML. Using the app, the modern software developers interested in Android, iOS, .NET, Web Development, and Computer Science can practice for cracking their coding interview with confidence.

InternDesk is for India’s young minds to connect with the workplaces to gain experiences and inspiration. As an intern, students should get the opportunity to become the professional they’ve always wanted to be. We aim to host them to internships and fresher job opportunities to help them follow their dreams.


Through AvaniTV, I aimed at revolutionising on-the-go entertainment by combined offering of live TV, movies on demand, YouTube and Internet Radios packed under the single service offering that delivers entertainment class experience in the car. We are first company to deliver interruption-free access to the quality entertainment wherever the customers go.

Digital Asset Management

I was fortunate to be part of the team at Sony Music to build the world’s first digital asset management system. Subsequently, I managed the world’s most extensive media asset library digitization at Zee Entertainment in partnership with IBM.