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Either make meaning or move out

कुसुमस्तबकस्येव द्वयी वृत्तिर्मनस्विन:।
मूर्ध्नि वा सर्वलोकस्य विशीर्येत वनेऽथवा॥

Flower withers when it cannot scent so is the self-respecting man – they either make meaning or move out

You’d have heard of saying – “Man of Steel break but not bend”. That’s true with the man with high morale and self-respecting nature.

If you are not making your meaning in a particular situation rather than feeling humiliated, get relieved from it.

If you are not able to put your point across, get an amicable exit from the argument.

If you have to conduct yourself being compromised by your  guiding principles and values, better move out.

Bless yourself everyday a soulful day!