Everywhere in the social channels, you’d be seeing these quotes:
“Whom would you like to meet on your death day?”
“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today.”

Take one more today: “If you have to make your biopic someday, what scene you are writing today?” This is the way to start with the end in mind.

As per erstwhile Indian tradition, bride and groom return home together in a sedan. A newlywed couple was traveling together to the marital home. While crossing a village the groom saw a cremation possession of a dead man. He informed his wife, “So sad day for the family, this man died today.”

Bride responded, “He’s not only dead but fully vanished wasted from the earth.”

The groom was taken aback. However, he tolerated the response thinking she might not have any emotional feelings about the grieved family.

After traveling few miles, the man saw a very well groomed paddy farm. He spoke the word of appreciation, “What a paddy farm? The farmer will certainly recover lots of profit for his efforts.”

The bride again responded, “There is nothing left for the farmer to rejoice.”

The groom started feeling angry and uncomfortable with the response. However, he tolerated the response and the sedan moved further.

After traveling further for a while, the groom saw a village market. He opined feeling impressed looking at the glam and glitter of the market, “Wow! This is such a huge and well-placed market with so many merchants and buyers.”

The bride replied, “Market is good but meaningless.”

The groom’s face was frowning with anger. He forced to stop the sedan. He went to the head of the nearby village and complained about his bride citing all the incidences and responses.

The head of the village asked the bride for the reason.

The bride replied:
1. I said the man is completely dead because he’s not left any legacy behind which will remind people of his deeds and acts of social charity.
2. The paddy farm owner has taken the loan and entire crop will be handed over to the merchant to repay the loan. So, he has nothing left for him.
3. The market is right but we don’t have money to buy anything from the market. It is meaningless to us.

The head of the village got convinced by the answer and asked the groom to respect his highly intelligent and practical bride.

What do you think of your story? Are you leaving a legacy?
Are you preserving and protecting yourself?
Are you having what it takes to live happily?
If you have not written a chapter yet, today is your day. All it takes is to think, decide and do – just do it!


What do you think?